The Radiant Circuits


The Radiant Circuits are about joy! They support strength, resilience, spontaneous healing, and vitality in the body. Beyond doing repair work, they are the primary energies in exhilaration, falling in love, orgasm, hope, gratitude, rapture and spiritual ecstasy. All the body’s energy systems are linked through them. Unlike meridians, which follow established routes, akin to the course of a river, Radiant Circuits – like web page hyperlinks – jump to wherever they are needed. They have their own intelligence.


By feeding your brain lots of Radiant Circuit experiences, you can re-pattern your neurological pathways, and so overcome habitual negative responses, self-sabotage, and pessimism. To the degree that we can influence our Radiant Circuits to be activated more frequently, we can achieve greater capacity for joy, inner peace and enjoyment of life.


Radiant Circuits don’t just connect up the energy systems within our body; they also connect us up to psychic phenomena, uplifting circumstances and events in the outer world. They can help us develop greater intuition and connection with God, Source Energy or Spirituality.


The more you use or activate your Radiant Circuits, the more they will be available to you. One person’s radiant energies can also activate radiance in another.



Activating the Radiant Circuits


There are many ways by which our radiant circuits get switched on naturally - watching a beautiful sunset, laughing, playing, dancing, making or being in love, feeling a spiritual connection. In fact, anything that can help shift negative emotions, or free us from stagnant energies, can engage our radiant circuits. 


It can also be helpful to trace our radiant circuits. This can help strengthen any circuits in our own systems that may be struggling or weak. There may be times when one or more of our circuits simply do not strengthen or remain strong - this could be due to trauma or injury. This is where having a session with an energy medicine practitioner would be helpful. 


Prune Harris ( has a wonderful video to help you learn to trace your own radiant circuits - see above.