The Five Minute Daily Energy Routine

The Five Minute Routine is just that - a set of EEM exercises that you can learn and do for just 5 minutes a day, in order to take responsibility for continuing the work that we do together in sessions, when you are back on your own at home or at work. 


In this way you are re-patterning (re-training) your body's energies and building positive habits in your energy field. The effects of these simple yet potent techniques are cumulative, and they will increase your resilience, your energy levels and general physical, mental and emotional health, and make you feel better and less 'scrambled' by the demands and stresses of the modern world in which we live. 


This set of exercises can be performed as a single routine, or at different times of the day, when you might be experiencing a low point, or simply feel out of sorts and overwhelmed. Some can be perfect for just before a significant and important event, where you need to be at your best, such as a job interview!


The Daily Energy Routine consists of:


  • The Four Thumps
  • The Cross Crawl
  • The Wayne Cook Posture
  • The Crown Pull
  • Neurolymphatic Clearing
  • The Zip Up 
  • The Hook Up 
  • The Celtic Weave
  • Connecting Heaven and Earth
  • Heaven Rushing In


I will begin by teaching you some of these techniques, and can also demonstrate by virtue of energy testing, just how much stronger they are making you as you commit to them. But I promise you won't need me to prove to you that your energies are re-patterning - you will feel the effects yourself!


I intend to add videos of the routines myself in the Spring, but for now I can point you in the direction of the superb guidance of Prune Harris, one of the leading lights of Energy Medicine in the UK, and an Advanced EEM Practitioner. See Prune's website for her excellent set of videos of the above and more! Her Daily Routine video is linked at the bottom of this page. 


Further handouts and information can also be found on and of course in Donna Eden's books.