Flower Essences



The history of flower essences can be traced back many thousands of years with many cultures using flower essences to treat emotional health and wellbeing. It is once again being appreciated that emotional wellbeing is a major component of good health in the whole person.


A branch of medicine called psychoneuroimmunology has demonstrated the very real links between the emotions we feel and the chemical reactions that occur at a cellular level in our bodies - also that we can influence the state of our health, for good or ill, by the emotions we allow ourselves to feel.


Flower essences are powerful catalysts for helping people to heal themselves. The essences enable people to gain insight into their own life plan, their own life purpose and direction. They give people the courage and confidence to follow that plan. It could be argued that illness, disease and emotional problems are indicators that we have strayed off our individual path. The essences, as well as helping us to return to that path, also assist us to work through and resolve our problems and imbalances, unleashing the positive qualities inherent in each of us.


I have found that Flower Essences really help to resolve a wide range of negative emotional states, healing by helping to bring a person back into emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. These states may be long-term conditions, such as being critical and intolerant of others, experiencing difficulties with intimacy, or they may be temporary states of imbalance, such as worry, weariness and exhaustion, or having an overactive mind.


I primarily use Australian Bush Flower Essences, of which there are currently 64 separate essences, to treat a wide variety of specific conditions. However, Bach Flower Remedies, can also be helpful. You may have already come across Rescue Remedy - an emergency essence to promote calmness, clarity and emotional stability - which is always helpful to use before exams, job interviews, and unexpected situations, such as a car accident or a sudden bereavement.


I may recommend you purchase a specific 'off the shelf' combination essence, such as Dynamis Essence, which can be invaluable to take a course of after a period of excessive work stress, adrenal exhaustion or physical illness. Or I may make up a tailor-made combination remedy for your own specific needs.


I offer stand alone consultations for Flower Essence Prescriptions, at £20-00 for half hour telephone/Zoom/email/face to face discussion, plus the remedy, made up specifically for your issues, and posted directly to your home (UK only).


You can find out more information about Australian Bush Flower Essences from: www.ausflowers.com.au  and about Bach Flower Essences from: www.crystalherbs.com.


 On the high street, if you live or work nearby a Neal's Yard Remedies store (Cardiff, Bristol and Bath all have stores), both types of flower essences are available and sold there: www.nealsyardremedies.com.