Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


Habits become unconscious processes through repetition and association, and the mind will continue to support our habits in the belief that they are beneficial to us, until we clearly tell the unconscious mind that certain habits are no longer beneficial, and indeed may actually be threatening our health and wellbeing.


Many of us are confused about the mixed messages that abound about food and diet - low fat, low sugar, zero calories? Does dieting make you fat? The only thing that seems certain is that the UK is experiencing an obesity epidemic that is a ticking time bomb for the nation's health.


We can become over-weight for many different reasons. Perhaps we learnt at an early age that food was a reward, a comforter, an easy substitute for other needs. Food can help us avoid dealing with difficult emotions such as stress, grief, anxiety. Hypnotherapy can help address the underlying issues, as well as get our habits back on track with healthy eating.


Knowledge is Power


Not enough people properly understand why diets DO make you fat. I will help you to learn about sustainable eating habits, so you lose weight without feeing deprived. You will understand where the hidden calories are in the supermarket, and how to alkalinise your body's ph, so that it no longer craves sugar.


I will support you to eat properly, and to use food in a new way, not just to lose that excess weight, but to help your body function in the way that it should.


The Hypnotic Gastric Band - Hypnoband


For clients whose weight is excessive and who need drastic action, I am trained in the Hypnoband treatment protocol. This is one of the most popular and successful hypnotic gastric band procedures, and was featured on Channel 4. See www.hypnoband.com. This is a 5 session approach, supported by re-inforcing CD's that I have recored and will give to you.


Before deciding whether the Hypnoband is the most appropriate method to use for you, I would always request that we have an intake, first session together to look at the background, medical picture and reasons for your weight gain.


Two of my favourite websites for Weight Loss and Information on Healthy Eating: