Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking


I was a smoker myself until I finally managed to become a non smoker - using hypnotherapy from a colleague of course - 7 years ago this year on January 4th. I will not forget the date - smokers know how big a deal it is to successfully quit!


I have not become a rabid anti-smoker, but I do have a passion for helping those that really do want to kick that old fair-weathered friend tobacco out of their lives for good, to succeed. 


There are two elements to stopping smoking. Firstly, you need to deal with the nicotine addiction that has high-jacked your body's chemical processes. Hypnotherapy can really help you to deal with the immediate withdrawal phase.

Secondly, you need to delete the 'software' in your unconscious mind that makes you believe you smoke because it is good for you in some way, and to 'overwrite' all the habits and associations that you have developed over the years between cigarettes and the rest of your life, with new ones. Hypnotherapy is great for this, as it communicates directly with that part of your mind.


What to Expect


I utilise your own reasons and motivations for why you want to stop smoking now, and build upon the things that you desire to do in your new life as a non-smoker. In this way, I can appeal to your unconscious mind more successfully - the unconscious really understands emotions, and if we can ensure it is excited by moving towards having more energy, feeling younger and living longer, being a better role model for your children, having more self respect and more money in your pocket.... whatever it is that motivates YOU... your unconscious mind is going to be more easily convinced that it is not giving up anything.


When you have decided to contact me about stopping smoking, I will ask you to set a date, perhaps 2-4 weeks into the future, for our session. I will then send you out a motivational questionnaire, and a list of strategies to begin to put into practice the week before you see me, in order to move smoking from an automatic habit to a more conscious level.


We then have the two and a half hour hypnotherapy session. You will also be given a 6 page handout of supportive strategies to help you through the next few weeks. I draw upon all my other therapeutic knowledge too, to help your body learn once again to become self-regulating without nicotine.