What can Reiki do for Me?


Reiki can be of benefit to everyone, both as a treatment to promote healing and recovery from illness and disease, and also as a preventative means of maintaining good physical and mental health.


Common conditions that Reiki can be helpful for include:


Long Term Pain

Joint and Arthritic Pain

Stress and Fatigue

Low Energy Levels




Digestive Disturbances

Ineffective Wound Healing

Reduced Immune System Functioning


Clients frequently describe the psychological effects of receiving a Reiki treatment as helping them to feel more centred, calm and content, more serene and positive in disposition, better able to cope and less affected by stress.


Medical science is now proving for once and for all that the mind profoundly influences the body (and vice versa), and improved physical functioning of all the body's systems occurs as a result of improved psychological wellbeing. It is hard to have anything but a calm mind in a relaxed body!




The 'Mind and Body' connection really does exist!